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ایجاد انواع فایل های فشرده روی سرور با استفاده از SSH

Create Archives using SSH


Create Zip File

If you want to create zip file of whole folder then try below command in SSH.
zip -R foldername/

If you are already inside that folder and want all file to be archived then use below command.
zip -R *

Create Tar File

Use below commands if you want to create a tar file.
Create Tar File

tar -zcf file.tar foldername/


Create Tar gz File

    tar -czvf name_of_archive.tar.gz name_of_folder/

The archive will be created in the folder from which you ran the command.

نظر خود را اضافه کنید.

ارسال نظر به عنوان مهمان

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